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Teacher and Pupil

Be Students' Allies!

Dear Teachers

You play such a crucial role in our academic journey — us students would (quite literally) be lost without you!

In line with what this Project aims to do for student (= raise awareness for metacognitive thinking & skills for learning), I thought it would be great to share some ideas on incorporating metacognition into the classroom. 

  1. Give students time to reflect on their own work and guide them in thinking about what works and what to change.

  2. When starting a new topic, link the ideas to past topics to build a schematic connection.

  3. Have low-stakes assessments early on in the year to boost academic confidence.

  4. Feedback on work doesn't always have to be formal/written — sometimes, just simply hearing "you're doing a good job" is enough to reassure students who may think they are not good enough

Please feel free to add more ideas on the blog post comment section! You know what they say — two heads are better than one :)

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